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A green design, construction management and environmental consultancy firm

We offer reliable cost effective remodeling services, protecting our client's interests, while creating healthy living spaces that conserve energy, natural resources and the environment.

Having over 30 years of designing and building experience as Dave's Remodel Service and D&J Creative Solutions Inc, we have branched out to embrace green building designs and practices.  We utilize green construction concepts in our projects using materials from renewable resources, recyclable materials, non-toxic paints and insulation, double pane windows, solar power and heating, eco-friendly plumbing and electrical fixtures and energy star appliances.  Conserving energy and natural resources while providing aesthetic designs for modern living and creating healthier living environments is our goal.  Our focus on building green offers practical choices from the vast array of green building materials we make available to our clients. Through our design process and green resources we offer educational opportunities for our clients and enable them to participate in the conservation of the world's rainforests, wild habitat and natural resources while creating their own eco-friendly environments. 

We all benefit by living in a healthier environment. 

We all feel good about being engaged in making personal contributions that make a difference.

Our contributions make a difference in our world for us, our children and generations to come.

Dave Ganapoler, Owner

Habitat Design and Project Management

Proud Member