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To Whom It May Concern:

We had Dave Ganapoler, from D&J Creative Solutions, Inc. remodel our master bathroom.  He was very professional, neat and considerate of our needs.  He did all of the work himself.  The plumbing was moved, the electrical had to be upgraded and the framing had to be changed to accept two new doors.  He exhibited skills and knowledge rare to find in a contractor.

He was organized and efficient when several changes came about during the job.  Mr. Ganapoler offered design ideas that really enhanced our living space.  He built an outdoor deck and screened privacy area in the backyard for our new hot tub in a timely fashion, as had guests coming to visit us.  All went smoothly and we really love our new bathroom.

We recommend Mr. Ganapoler very highly for any remodeling needs you might have.

Ellie and Jerry Mednick

San Rafael, CA


This letter is to recommend Dave Ganapoler and his work as  a general contractor.  We have known him since 1995 when my late husband, Joseph R. Guth hired Dave as an independent contractor to do some work for Eugene Burger Management Company.  Mr. Guth was the Executive Vice President of the company, and he found Dave's work to be of excellent quality.  He continued to contract Dave for many project for EBMC, and found that all of the work was accomplished with a high level of quality.

Due to the high quality of Dave's work, we began to contract with him for work on our private residence in Greenbrae, California.  He always accomplished each project quickly, efficiently and highly satisfactorily.  One very challenging project he completed on our home was to totally rebuild the deck on the top floor of our house.  The deck ran the full width of the home, and was situated two stories above the ground.  To quote the county inspector who came to approve the, it was "awesome."

About a year after we moved to Novato, a neighbor's car rolled down the hill and ran into my house, causing serious damage both outside and inside.  Once again, Dave Ganapoler was called on to do the necessary repairs.  He was quick, efficient and neat, and accomplished this most difficult task with his usual high level of quality work.

I am pleased to recommend Dave Ganapoler and his work, and I would be glad to answer any questions should you request further information.

Thank you for consideration of this letter of recommendation.

Gilberta C. Guth

Novato, CA


To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to recommend very highly the following contractor who is presently remodeling and tiling our master bathroom: Mr. Dave Ganapoler, P.O. Box 6735, San Rafael, CA  94903, 415-307-2977.

Mr. Ganapoler is knowledgeable, efficient, honest, reliable, and conducts himself in a very business-like manner.  His design concepts were very helpful  to us in beginning this project.  We would not hesitate to refer him to other clients.

It is a pleasure to find someone like him--we had other disappointing and expensive experiences with which to measure his worth.

Very truly yours

Terence & Carol McLoughlin

Tiburon, CA


Dear Sir or Madame:

I contracted D&J Creative Solutions, Inc. to remodel my kitchen this year.  It turned out better than expected.  The owner of the company, Dave Ganapoler, works as a "hands on" contractor, and did all of the work himself.  We had to move one wall out eight inches.  This wall had heating ducts, electrical wiring and plumbing pipes that had to be moved with it.  He made the changes quickly and efficiently.  A closet was removed from another wall requiring additional wiring and finishing. 

Mr. Ganapoler's attention to detail and craftsmanship is impressive, and I'm not easy to please.

He worked seamlessly with my designer and offered creative ideas that enhanced my project.

If you want a kitchen or bathroom remodeled by one of the best, D&J Creative Solutions, Inc. is your solution!


the Reverend Jo Ann Osborn, Minister

Novato, CA


In January of this year Mr. Ganapoler remodeled a guest bathroom in our home.  We were and still are extremely impressed with his work, his timing, his manner, his creativity and most of all his attitude in dealing with our needs, attitudes and expectations.

He was the neatest worker I have ever seen.  He never broke or damaged anything - something I had never experienced before in dealing with contractors; he was working when we expected him to be, he did not watch the clock, he understood our ideas and helped to set us straight with his expertise; he had wonderful ideas for improving the room.  He was always courteous yet truthful, he was neat and in short he was very, very good.

This is a short recommendation for Dave.  If you wish more praise lavished on his abilities, just call my husband or me.  We heartily recommend him should you be able to use his services.


Kathy Asfour

San Rafael, CA




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